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  • 10/2/2009 - New Tour, New Site

  • The Fall Tour is starting and I've added a new mobile-friendly version of WilcoBase. For now it's just the recent setlists. Next things to add are searching and paging through the setlists. Let me know what you think.
  • 11/30/2008 - Updates to the What's New Page

  • I've added a Recently Updated Setlists section to the What's New page. You can now see all the setlists that have been modified or added in the last 30 days. Thanks to the guys at Owl & Bear I've been adding setlists for some of the older Wilco shows.
  • 06/08/2008 - Added Discussion Threads to show pages

  • Each of the Show pages now has a place for you to enter comments on the show. This is going to be an experiment, but I think it will add value to the site. Feel free to add personal reviews, setlists, or anything else you see fit.
  • 05/14/2007 - Finally an Update

  • Sorry for the delay at getting the site updated with the AUS tour setlists. You can check out what songs were played on the Songs Played page.
  • 01/31/2007 - Jeff Tweedy Webcast

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