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Date Artist Venue Location
2003-05-17 John and Laurie Stirratt Schuba's Tavern    Schuba's Tavern home page ChicagoIL
1. Ten Years Ago Today  2. Solid Land  3. Juniper  4. Can't Stand Yourself  5. Wellspring  6. When You're Not Mine  7. Heart Like a Wheel  8. We'll Meet Again  9. It's Just That Simple  10. I Still Miss Someone  
2004-01-23 John and Laurie Stirratt Old Town School of Folk Music    Old Town School of Folk Music home page    (Early Show) ChicagoIL
1. Ten Years Ago Today  2. Solid Land  3. When You're Not Mine  4. Merciful Night  5. Heart Like a Wheel  6. Juniper  7. Can't Stand Yourself  8. We'll Meet Again